Mylow’s mission is to help “Change the world, one mind at a time”. Make diversity, inclusion and acceptance a way of life. By displaying the world through my eyes, help to educate the public about life with a disability and to make the the world more understanding and accepting of people with disabilities. I’ve recently partnered with Creative Potential to help kids learn.

Creative Potential is a company that creates non-toxic puzzles and toys for children, designed and manufactured by adults with special needs.

Creative Potential offers people with disabilities the ability to obtain training in technology, design, manufacturing and fine arts, in an effort to assist them in the discovery of their own creative potential. Creative Potential seeks to develop opportunities for people with disabilities to generate income and become independent. Eventually, our aim is to create a comprehensive program that addresses the needs of people with disabilities from early intervention through adulthood, by enhancing existing services, and offering opportunities to develop the creative ability present in all individuals.

You check out Creative Potential at Creativepotential.guru